June 4, 2015

Pumpkin Howden (Large)

Pumpkin Howden (Large)These classic deep orange pumpkins are beautifully formed, somewhat egg-shaped 20- to 30-pound fruit. 92 days. The finest name in pumpkins is now available from Park Seed! Selected by John Howden himself for success in the home garden, this is the pumpkin Linus might have chosen to grow in his really sincere pumpkin patch! These deep orange, ribbed, plump pumpkins set the industry standard for appearance, vitality, and yields. The heavy-bearing plants yield a big crop of 20- to 30-pound pumpkins, each measuring 13 to 16 inches long. Seeds Per Pack: 25 Plant Width:  3 ft Fruit Diameter: 13 in - 16 in Additional Characteristics: Edible Light Requirements: Full Sun

Squash Zucchini

Squash ZucchiniZucchini with star-shaped slices Burpee Exclusive Distinctive, dark green Italian-type zucchini with light green ridges. Appears star-shaped when slices are cut crosswise. Sweet taste and crisp texture. Upright, vigorous plants with open habit. Ready to harvest 55 days after sowing seed in the garden. Grows best in full sun and average soil. Sun: Full Sun Sowing Method: Direct Sow Days to Maturity: 55  days Height: 24-30  inches Spread: 18  inches Thinning: 18 inches

Squash Yellow (summer)

Squash Yellow (summer)The best-tasting squash in Burpee's taste trials for 2 years in a row. Burpee Exclusive Golden Egg's a picture-perfect gourmet sensation—with succulent flavor and texture. As exquisite as a Faberg‚ egg but so much tastier. Spherical, golden-yellow egg-shaped zucchini measures up to 5" across, boasting delicious creamy flesh with hints of chartreuse. High yielding, with an 8-week harvest. Sowing Method: Direct Sow Days to Maturity: 41  days Height: 26  inches Spread: 30  inches Thinning: 30 inches

Peas Patio Wonder

Peas Patio WonderCompact variety that grows well in containers and pots. Burpee Exclusive Custom-bred for containers and small space gardens, Peas-in-a-Pot is a petite 10" plant that produces a yield a pea plant four times its size would be proud of. Grow in an 8" diameter pot on a sunny balcony, deck or patio. Spread: 4  inches Height: 10  inches Thinning: 4 inches Days to Maturity: 60-65  days Sowing Method: Direct Sow

Muskmelon Cantaloupe

Muskmelon CantaloupeBotanical name: Cucumis melo Plant type: Fruit USDA Hardiness Zones: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Sun exposure: Full Sun Soil type: Sandy Soil pH: Slightly Acidic to Neutral What we commonly refer to as ‘cantaloupe’ is actually not true cantaloupe, rather, a type of muskmelon. (True cantaloupe has a rough, warty rind and is not widely grown or commercially available in the US.) Muskmelons are a heat-loving fruit with a long growing season. Their cultural and growing requirements are very similar to other melons. They have a net-like, tan rind, and sweet orange flesh. The names muskmelon and cantaloupe are used interchangeably. We will use the name cantaloupe for this page to avoid confusion.

Cucumbers Pickling (Bush Type)

Cucumbers Pickling (Bush Type)Burpee bred Picklebush has unbelievably compact vines that get only 2' long. White-spined fruits have classic pickle look, deep green with paler stripes. Up to 4½" long, 1½" across at maturity but use them at any size. Very productive and tolerant to powdery mildew and Cucumber mosaic virus. Sun: Full Sun Height: 6-8  inches Spread: 24  inches Days to Maturity: 52  days Sowing Method: Direct Sow Fruit Size: 4  inches

Cucumbers Burpless / Slicer

Cucumbers Burpless / SlicerStays crisp longer than any cucumber we've tried. Burpee Exclusive Customer Favorite! The super-productive vines yield loads of long, deep green cucumbers that stay crisp longer than any other we've tried. Pick and slice to reveal the pure white, firm flesh with an exceptionally small seed cavity. The thin-skinned cukes have the right balance of crispness and juiciness—and these mild beauties are easy on the digestion. Disease-resistant plants set fruits over several months. Sun: Full Sun Height: 6-8  inches Spread: 24  inches Days to Maturity: 62  days Sowing Method: Direct Sow

Corn Honey and Pearl

Corn Honey and Pearl76 days. This early-maturing, tender bicolor of outstanding eating quality is one of the finest Super Sweets you will ever grow . . . or eat! The cylindrical 9-inch ears are a pleasure to look at, with 16 to 18 rows of white and yellow kernels -- symmetrical, tightly packed, and plump. The ears are very tightly husked, reducing the risk of infestation from corn ear-worm. And these robust 6-foot plants are resistant to Common Rust and Stewart's Wilt. Big yields!

Beans Blue Lake Bush

Beans Blue Lake BushDescription: Vigorous, many-branched bush plants produce heavy yields of pods similar in appearance to pole Blue Lake. Flavor of these 6 1/2 inch round pods is excellent. Disease resistant. High in vitamins A, B, and C. This packet will produce approximately a 14 foot row.

Tomato Sweet 100 (Cherry)

Tomato Sweet 100 (Cherry)Scarlet, cherry-sized tomatoes produce long clusters right up to frost. Cherry tomatoes bursting with sugary flavor. The scarlet, cherry-sized fruits are produced in long pendulous clusters right up to frost. Grow on stakes or a fence. Seasonality: Mid Season Fruit Weight: 1  ounces Fruit Bearing: Indeterminate Days to Maturity: 70  days Sun: Full Sun Height: 4-5  feet Sowing Method: Indoor Sow Spread: 18  inches
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